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Apgujeong’s Plastic Surgery Fetish

Oh Apgujeong, you have plastic surgery written all over you.

I wanted to put this picture out there before I forgot about it once more; during our youtube gettogether we all went to Apgujeong for the live music and found this in the subway station. Stepping outside the station, we were super saturated with cosmetic surgery signs, promotions and before/after pictures. People had told me how awesome Apgujeong was to have fun but no one had mentioned it was the plastic surgery capitol of Korea – its just ridiculous!

Also found this in one of the shops in Sarang (Sadang) station, my co-teacher told me that she heard they were imported from America but I’ve never seen one. I can attest to their need usage in Korea.

Despite desk warming at school, I have been going out almost everyday with different friends trying out new restaurants and exploring my area more in depth. This week me and a friend decided to finally go to Seoul National University so we started walking off exit 3 but took a turn thinking that it would curve back to the school. How foolish that was. We ended up walking to Sillim and then followed the river back around which led us to Seoul Teibgu again. We walked around a mountain.

In that little journey we happened to explore the backside of our area, one that I didn’t even know existed. A thing I have come to learn about Seoul is how fast the scenery changes, Seoul Teibgu looks really nice and relatively clean compared to other areas of Seoul (quieter too), but behind all those tall buildings we found out that there is a mountain (on which Seoul National Uni is located) plus a small valley in between. I never knew we had a valley and a pretty interesting view to go along with it. Stepping down we could feel the smog, plus this wasn’t no fancy area of Seoul, poverty wise  it made Mexico look like a world class nation by comparison.

Marching onwards,  we came across what seemed like a college party area strip. It seemed hidden away and our  indicator to it was a red paved road that swirled from the main road towards  the buildings. I guess we know the place to go now if some night life is needed as it is pretty close and consists of mainly college students.

A little dark but I didn’t have my camera with me only the puny camera phone.

There’s also 2 small stories to accompany my week. The first is related to cell phones and how people just can’t keep them out of their hands for too long.

1) So I was walking to my apartment the other right and there was this one girl getting on her bike, with her phone in her hand of course. So she starts to ride off while doing whatever shes doing on her phone, and then she does a sharp turn because she was falling and she almost drove into the street onto the path of a really really fast moving bus (as they do).

Like OMG she almost died… had her face not stopped her when she hit a random pole that was in the way. There was nothing else there that would have stopped her from landing into the street; it just just by fate that pole was there. So smack to the face, phone to the floor,  bus brazed the front of her tire. Shes lucky.

2) Secondly, yesterday morning I was on my way to work when I encountered my first K-fight. Of course I wasn’t involve (that’s migration suicide) but I saw first-hand two ajeossis going at it. Took a picture too (from far away). It is best to just keep walking I learned, don’t want to draw any attention to yourself.

Ah and how can I forgot the stone bed…with permission from my friend of course! My friend Ahyoung told me that her mom bought a stone bed. Yup, you read right, a stone bed. I think the reasoning has to do somewhere along the lines that it is a better conductor of heat. Beats me! But I would just use more covers since its more comfortable. Here’s a picture she gave me.


Ouch, I can see extended usage of this leading one to eventually need some of that padded underwear.  It must have been pretty heavy carrying that thing around, especially if the bedroom is in an upstairs apartment – which knowing Korea, it probably is.

And can’t forget this fellow!  Spotted this guy while out having lunch with my coteachers. Maybe it is just me but pressure on glass like that can’t be a good thing or can it?

Quite the eventful week, would like to make a videoblog either tonight or this weekend if I have time but unfortunately I have been sick. The good thing is that students are finishing up their midterms so hopefully I can recover by the time everything returns to normal!

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