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Asian Girls and Short Skirts

Since a lot of hit on my website comes from the keywords Asian girls and short skirts I decided to make a followup post regarding Short skirts.

Everyone will tell you that Korea is very conservative – I call BULLSHIT!


So one of the first things I did when I was in Korea was go to one of these so called clubs – and lord behold what did I see? Yea, not girls semi stripping but full body nude having sex with the polls. Mind you this was in a sea of half dressed women, with the half dressed part being see through clothes or string like things and miniskirts.  Nevermind the fact that it was freezing cold outside. Apparently winter is a peak season for short skirts – and heels on black ice.

People may call it an isolated incident but take a look at Kpop these days and you have under aged girls doing all sorts of sexual moves while being quite scantily dressed. From all the bloggers out there, I believe the Grand Narrative does the best job of portraying sexuality in Korean media and culture.

He even notes the pattern which is all too familiar regarding K-Pop.

  • First, it will include some provocative lyrics, choreography, and/or outfits that deliberately push the envelope
  • Then, despite presumably knowing that well in advance, the producers of the program will still allow the song to be performed, only then to disassociate themselves from it and claim shock and surprise at the ensuing netizen reaction
  • Next, those songs will be will be banned from future broadcasts unless changes to the offending parts are made
  • Equally absurdly, the performers themselves or their entertainment companies will claim shock and surprise that people find them sexually suggestive at all
  • Finally, despite those protestations, the groups will have modified versions of the song available to be used suspiciously quickly

Even the BBC has picked up on Short skirts getting shorter in schools – South Korea row over short school skirtsand aAllKpop has a pretty strait forward post as well.

Lets face it: Sex Sells

Now one can argue that – well! Even American media has women dancing like they are having sex on stage and such, but the thing that many people find dangerous in Korea’s case is that they use underaged girls. Which as many can probably imagine, can be a huge contributor to under aged molestation.  Now there are cases where a woman may be raped and people might blame her for dressing so…revealing. I like the fact that the blogging community does not blame the woman and in the end it is the man’s decisions that he should be punished for.

The hemline of skirts in South Korea has shifted up by 10 to 15 cm in the last decade and schools in Gangwon province are faced with a peculiar problem. Such short skirts are creating avoidable embarrassment for both the teachers and the taught. This trend of wearing short skirts to school apparently originated in Japan.

Preserving the Modesty of School Girls the South Korean Way


Forecast for this coming summer also seems to point to even shorter skirts. Short Hemlines Turning Heads – Korea Joongang Daily

This summer, fans of bare legs can expect an eyeful in the streets. The look is all the rage among many younger fashion-conscious women. It features big, boxy tops paired with barely-there bottoms revealing as much leg as possible.

Expect to see alot of leg these coming years.


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