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Western men dating Asian Girls

Western men dating Asian Girls

Western men dating Asian girls. Despite the fact that I am writing this post, I am actually somewhat annoyed by the topic itself.   People like their significant other for the same reasons they would like anyone. If they have a good personality, if they get along well and make each other happy.  When I hear the discussions that go into relationships regarding Asian girls, I can’t help but turn my head. But here are my two cents anyways.

Sometimes I come across some bloggers who seem to me as if they go to Asia as skirt chasers, or because of yellow fever. They make it seem as if girls throw themselves at any opportunity for you. How accurate is that?
Do I think its true? Not really.  If anyone wants an easy girl, sure clubs are the kinds of places you will find these people. If people want a one night stand or easy girls, then bars and clubs are probably your best bet. When I read the posts these people make, they usually tend to be about clubs that they go to. I avoid those places and tell my friends that if they want a steady relationship, then you aren’t very likely to find one there. Try a library.

The Gist:

  • Do I think Asian girls are easy? No
  • Do I think it is easy to get a gf?  A gf yes, actually
  • Do I think its easy to get into a relationship? Not at all…

When I was in Japan, the few times I was alone, I was actually approached a few times.   I am not the best looking of all people. One time, I was standing outside a Lawson’s (a Japanese Convenience store) and a group of girls approached me, they tried to talk to me. Anyways, I had to go, later I found out that sometimes girl stand outside the store and exchange “services”.

The internet is riddled with posts on how your average western man can easily attract and seduce the prettiest of girls. Heck, I’ve seen the ugliest of guys with the hottest of girls over there.  Ultimately though, I believe it comes down to how proactive the people may be.  If you are a confident person who doesn’t let things like looks get in the way of trying to win over another person, then kudos to you sir.

I’ve seen many mixed couples, the ones who last are usually those who put hard work and dedication into their relationship.  They take their time, and if the guy happens to be dating a Korean woman – even more kudos for surviving the “miltang” stage.

Then there’s always the wild foreigner with multiple gfs who spends his time in clubs and bars trying to pickup women. But you know,  this type of behavior can be found in these places in any country. Perhaps this is where misconceptions that Asian women are easy begins.

Asian guys seem to have the impression that western guys go just to take their women. In Japan, it seemed almost all the guys  I met asked me, “So are you here for the girls?”  Why wouldn’t we have that image, after all if you get a gf in Asia, chances are she will be Asian, there aren’t many western women around. And if they are…(refer to the end of this post as to why we don’t go for them). From a statistical point, if you get a GF it is a high chance she will be Asian. Asian guys will interpret this as “taking their women.” It makes sense, if you are in Asia, you are surrounded by Asian girls, so she will probably be Asian yes. Go to Europe and you will probably get a European GF.

Now…from my experiences,  foreign men do get a lot more attention in Asia. I won’t deny that. I felt so good that I didn’t want to come back home and be normal again.  Why are women more willing to approach?

This blog does a great job on talking about Korean women and is the blog of a Swedish woman dating a Korean man. Noona Blog But from what I read though, Western girls have a larger difficulty getting bfs, and I will go into the politics of power later, in another post.

Lets talk about Sex. Because everyone likes it.  Now, the English teacher does not have a very good reputation in Korea, maybe the rest of Asia. I know that the soldiers stationed there definitely do not have a good reputation.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think all soldiers are bad – the media just locks onto the actions of a few which in turn causes the rest to be perceived in that way. So then, in terms of sexuality, are Western men more direct than their Eastern counterparts?

I have read various articles on how the populations of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are extremely low. In Japan, some couples may even go their whole life without ever having sex once.  Here is an interesting article from USA today No sex please — we’re Japanese There is even a Sex Volunteers thing I read about, though I can’t vouch for whether its real or not Sex Corps Volunters

What its like to be foreigner and female in Japan Sexless Japan-Really? 

I don’t like to feel like I am perpetrating a stereotype, or the opposite of rather. But Japan’s sex culture is really…intersting. On one hand you have people who have misconceptions about Asian girls being easy, and on the other you have these articles where they list Japan as being rather sexless.

On Tv, western men are dramatized as being very caring and sweet for girls. I can’t speak so well about Japanese guys, they seem really shy around girls.  And Westerners on the other hand tend to be-not shy. Could it be that the media plays some role in over romanticizing the foreign man which in turn makes women curious enough to want to date and find out of themselves? Unfortunately, opposite of Japan – Korea dramatizes foreign men as sexual predators, aid infested, child molesting, pot smokers. That is no joke.

It is also the case, that people like what is rare. When Foreign men come to America, women go crazy for them, especially if he is European. Like children, if you offer them a bag of red candies, and there is 1 blue candy, they will fight for the blue one.

This same mechanic is at play with adults. We are in Asia, there’s Asian men everywhere, and there’s a rare amount of foreigners. So, they become valuable. In America, it is not that girls are Asian that attracts guys (or is it?) but rather that they are rarer.

Ultimately it is up to the woman to decide, after all girls have their own mind to makeup. They decide who they will date and it is not something that race or being foreign decide.

Interesting article White People like Asian Girls

  1. This article was just SO interesting.
    Even though things u mentioned in this post were matters of course in America,I don’t know,but for us asian people It’s surely quite hard to get this kind of information,and that seems why there were a lot of japanese girls misuderstanding guys from overseas.

    Could I link here to my website?
    I want more people to get know the facts between American guys and Asian women,in order to make the relationship more stable.


  2. Sure, you may link it to anyone ^^
    I hope I can get more information on it too =p

  3. Everything you wrote here could have been about the dynamic between black men and white women. Just replace westerner with black male, and asian male with white male.

    From my point of view, white males seem very weak and undesirable. They’re too shy and reserved, and they don’t have much game when it comes to talking to girls and getting them to open up.

    Black men don’t really have much in the way of competition when it comes to dating white women.

    • You know, you’re quite right. I never thought about things in that way. Thanks for the comment and do keep coming : )

  4. “Black men don’t really have much in the way of competition when it comes to dating low-tier, bottom-of-the-barrel white women.”

    There, I fixed it for you :). Thanks for taking our leftovers, they were so whiny when Asian women became a viable alternative.

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