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Some progressions

Some progressions

Somehow I have developed a sense for when classes will be cancelled. Actually, if we are talking about classes being cancelled, I might as well throw in  my contract. Well…not exactly.  But as it turns out, I will not be renewing my contract, as I will be working at Gyeongin National University as a TESOL trainer.

And just now I found out that my contract for SMOE ends Aug 24 and the University starts August 6. Some curveballs life throws at you right?  But that’s what keeps life interesting isn’t it? It’s a curious thing, my classes end July 20th.

The best writing happens during the bus ride from Boncheon to my school each morning in my head. But it seems that as soon as I sit down, it is all gone. Somehow I am not able to correlate the thoughts in my head with my fingers. And how could? Just got hired for a university job. Just found out my contract doesn’t end when classes end. Korea giveth, Korea giveth away. But…I recognize thats all my fault for not rereading the contract carefully.

You know as expats, I think many of us quickly fall into blame Korea mode. As such, I tend to minimize the interaction I spend with other fellow expats and try to spend much more time mingling with the locals. As a matter of fact, the most interesting things tend to happen when I am with other Koreans.

Which brings me to my next tale, which took place this Friday in Myeongdong. Now, it is no secret that Korean girls wear some of the shortest skirts worldwide. Sometimes, it looks like they are wearing only a t-shirt, and I really do wonder if they wear only so. Still, they are pretty good about keeping the goods hidden, quite a feat even with all the stairs. In fact, I think in all my time here, I have caught a glimpse of le panties perhaps twice when climbing the stairs. Not that I tried to.


Anyhow, this Friday, I was in Myeongdong shopping with my friend for some interview clothes. We were along the street where all the vendors are, where when I look to my left, in the middle of all the people, next to a food stand in the center, were three girls. Two of them were acting like walls, and the other girl used the food cart as a third wall. With the fourth side open, to me of course.

Now the next part took me by surprise. She was in her panties. In fact, she was half squatting with her shorts around her ankles, and her gina aimed at me…as I strolled along…but I was so flabbergasted that I stopped dead in my tracks…and stared. Her eyes met mine, and I am sure she tried to make it seem like I was a byuntae with the look she gave me, right after the a deer in headlights. But I countered her with a WTF look, with the mouth half open. Her shirt was somewhat long, so I think she thought she could walk around with only the shirt and panties without people noticing, but she was caught in the transition

Who the hell does that? In the middle of Myeongdong, no one else seemed to notice except me – since expats seem much more attuned to smaller details than Koreans – who  forgive me, but seem completely oblivious to most of their surroundings.  Oh Korea, thank you for tales I can post about.

On a completely separate but Korea related note, things with the girlfriend are picking up quickly in pace. It is frightening I must admit. When we were just starting out, she used to talk about how she didn’t want to get married, didn’t want to have kids but wanted to adopt instead, how she doesn’t believe men who say they will always love their gf, hated all the couply stuff. That’s my kinda woman!

But seven months into our relationship, things are really picking up fast.  We’ve got couple necklaces, she talks about marriage, how she wants babies. And her parents want to meet me, spend a weekend at the beach with the family…extended family. Just the other day popped the question about if I would engage with her. But of course, thats also just a language thing – as it turns out, engagement was more about the promise ring than actual marriage there and then.

But who wouldn’t be under pressure right? I think most guys would have hot tailed it out right about now. Oh boy!

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