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Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine

Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine   Parameter List Of Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine...
  • Food & Beverage Factory
  • None
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Hot Product 2019
  • 1 Year
  • Motor
  • New
  • Henan, China
  • 220v
  • 2200w
  • 90 KG
  • 1250*450*850mm
  • New
  • 1 Year

Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine Details

Applicable Industries:Food & Beverage Factory Showroom Location:None
Video outgoing-inspection:Not Available Machinery Test Report:Not Available
Marketing Type:Hot Product 2019 Warranty of core components:1 Year
Core Components:Motor Condition:New
Place of Origin:Henan, China Voltage:220v
Power:2200w Weight:90 KG
Dimension(L*W*H):1250*450*850mm Year:New
Warranty:1 Year Key Selling Points:High Productivity
After-sales Service Provided:Online support Name:Electric dough twist frying machine line Fried Dough Twists
Product name:Fried Dough Twists Capacity:20-30kg/h
Material:Stainless Steel Shape:2,3,6,9 streams
final product shape:dough stick forming machine Stick length:9-25cm
Raw material:Wheat Flour Type:Fully Automatic

Fried Dough Twist Machine Description

Flow Chart For Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine


Parameter List Of Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine

ESFD203M10017 mm - - 9,55 kN28,6 mm0,3 Kg -
238/1180-B-MB1180 mm1420 mm180 mm - - - 180
H-LM11949/H-LM11910 - 45.237 mm16.637 mm29400 kN - 0,125 Kg16.637
B7026-C-2RSD-T-P4S130 mm200 mm33 mm - - - 33
UKP.205.H.CC20 mm - 21 mm14 kN35 mm0.91 kg -
UCP316-513.1875 in11-1/16" to 12-7/16"4-21/64 in - - - -
UETPL207W35 mm - - - - - -
PSMF 182430 A5118 mm24 mm30 mm - 3 mm - -
6804zzc3-nsk20mm32mm7mm - - - -
Q30630 mm72 mm - 19 mm19 mm - -
1169110 - - - - - - -


Fried Dough Twist Machine Data List

No.DdBWeightCMinimum Buy QuantityInventory
TAF 192716/SG27 mm19 - 0,028 Kg14 kN - -
R20/10242010 mm0,0079 Kg7,2 kN - -
NJ2319 E200 mm95 mm67 mm9,64 Kg394 kN - -
SEF4B-IP-207RE3.42 Inch | 86.868 Millimeter2.438 Inch | 61.925 Millimeter - 10.22 - N/A0.0
QMTP10J115SEO - - - - - N/A0.0
B7013-E-2RSD-T-P4S-UM3.937 Inch | 100 Millimeter2.559 Inch | 65 Millimeter0.709 Inch | 18 Millimeter - - N/A0.0
HMV 80E522 mm394.7 mm71 mm45.5 kg - - -
6205ZC3522515 - - - -
7210ctrsulp3-nsk90mm50mm20mm - - - -
6208-RS280 mm40 mm18 mm - 18 mm - -
99273 - - - - - - -


Minimum Buy QuantityN/A
Manufacturer NameNSK
CategoryMounted Units &
Product GroupM06110


Customer Cases For Fried Dough Twist Machine For Factory In 2021

1Fried Dough Twist Production Line/Chinese Doughnut Making Process In Zimbabwe
2Hero Brand Horizonal Fried Dough Twist Round Cotton Candy Pillow Packing Machine For Sale Greece
3Delicious Stainless Steel Fried Dough Twist Making Machine Process In Russia
4Wholesale Stainless Steel Fried Dough Twist Making Machine Sale In Argentina
5Fried Snacks Food Making Machine Process In Greece
6Snack Twist Making machine Chinese Mahua forming machine For Sale Greece


Customer Case Of Fried Dough Twist Machine At 2021

1Plastic Snack Mafa machine Dough Twister Making Machine Chinese Doughnut Machine Process In United Arab Emirates
2Cost-Effective Chips Making Machine Fried Dough Twist Machine Pellet Snack Bulking Production Line Food Equipment Sale In Sri Lanka
3Chinese Doughnut Fried Dough Twist Making Machine Process In Morocco
4Frying Snack Machinery Process In India
5Fried Corn Cereal Snacks Chips Production Line Making Machine For Sale Indonesia
6Dayi Automatic Fried Dough Twist Making Machine Sale In Singapore



Machine Cost For Fried Dough Twist Machine

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
High Quality Flow Packing Machine Automatic Packing Pizza Packing Meat Packing Fried Dough Twist Packing Towel Packing Machine Filling Machine Labeling Machine 1 Set US$1399US$6192
Small Food Series Snack Food Machine Chinese Fried Mahua Making Dough Twist Machine 1 Set US$1796US$5645
Dayi Automatic Fried Dough Twist Making Machine 1 Set US$1788US$7600
Hero Brand Automatic Fried Dough Twist Packing Food Cottage Loaf Factory Coated Biscuit Down Pillow Packaging Machine 1 Set US$1331US$5085
Continuous Fried Dough Twist Machine Potato Chips Frying Machine Price 1 Set US$1446US$5335
Dayi Sweet Delicious Fried Dough Twist Snack Making Machine 1 Set US$1723US$6241
Industrial Automatic Chinese Food Fried Dough Twist Mahua Maker / Twist Dough Machine / Chinese Food Mahua Making Machine 1 Set US$1343US$5682
Automatic Chinese Snacks Fried Dough Twist Forming Machine Snack Food Extruder Processing Line 1 Set US$1336US$6328
Hero Brand Horizonal Fried Dough Twist Round Cotton Candy Pillow Packing Machine 1 Set US$1832US$7667



Fried Dough Mahua Making Dough Twist Twisting Machine Video


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