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What is the best thing to fry in an air fryer?

What is the best thing to fry in an air fryer?

46 Easy and Delicious Air Fryer Recipes - Food NetworkFeb 15, 2022 — No need to stand over a screaming hot wok to get perfect fried rice — the air fryer gives you exceptionally crispy fried rice without heating up 

How To Use an Air Fryer: A First-Timer's Guide - Simply RecipesThe Best Foods to Cook — The upshot is that air fryers are much less messy and oil-intensive than deep-frying. Even better, these lil' ovens can do much 75 Best Air Fryer Recipes - Healthy Meals You Can Cook in Air Fryer PotatoesAir Fryer Peanut Butter Explosion CakeAir Fryer Coconut ShrimpAir Fryer SteakCauliflower TotsAir Fryer TofuAir Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño PoppersAir Fryer Buffalo CauliflowerAir Fryer Chicken ParmesanAir Fryer Chicken TendersAir Fryer FalafelAir Fryer Brussels Sprouts

8 Surprising Things You Can Make in an Air Fryer…and 6 You Feb 25, 2022 — You don't have to just stick to russet potatoes, either: try sweet potato chips, kale chips, beet chips—even pickle chips. Ready for a healthy 

25 Easy Air Fryer Recipes - Ahead of ThymeWe have rounded up over 25 of the best easy air fryer recipes including roasted vegetables in the air fryer, air fried meat like chicken, beef, and lamb, What to cook in an air fryer? 7 things that are better air-friedFeb 5, 2022 — 1. Delicious burgers and patties · 2. French fries · 3. Reheated leftovers · 4. Frozen chicken goujons · 5. Crispy bacon · 6. A succulent roast 

The 25 Best Things to Cook in an Air Fryer - Gear PatrolSep 12, 2021 — The 25 Best Things to Cook in an Air Fryer · French Fries · Brussels Sprouts · Cauliflower Tots · Bloomin' Onion · Fish & Chips · Bagels · Chicken Chefs share 16 of the best foods to make in an air fryer - InsiderJun 30, 2020 — Cooking bacon in an air fryer is pretty easy. crispy bacon on a countertop ; For a quick dessert, try cooking up some bananas. bananas ; You can 

90 Air Fryer Recipes That Only Taste Decadent - BuzzFeedMar 7, 2022 — This recipe calls for frozen cauliflower gnocchi, but you can prepare any gnocchi— fresh or frozen, cauliflower, ricotta, or potato — in the air Air Fryer Guide: The Best (And Worst) Things to Cook - ThrillistSep 9, 2021 — The Best (and Worst) Things to Cook in an Air Fryer · Leftover pizza. Microwaving pizza is an atrocity. · Frozen fries. This extends to other 

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