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200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato Plantain Chips Frying Machine

200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato Plantain Chips Frying Machine

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For 200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato Plantain Chips Frying Machine   Parameter List Of 200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato...
  • 200kg
  • Hotels, Restaurant
  • None
  • New
  • Guangdong, China
  • Electric
  • 380
  • 9000
  • 47 KG
  • 400*800*1090
  • 28L/tank
  • 6months
  • High Productivity
  • Ordinary Product
  • Provided
  • Provided

200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato Plantain Chips Frying Machine Details

Applicable Industries:Hotels, Restaurant Showroom Location:None
Condition:New Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Power Source:Electric Voltage:380
Power:9000 Weight:47 KG
Dimension(L*W*H):400*800*1090 Capacity:28L/tank
Warranty:6months Key Selling Points:High Productivity
Marketing Type:Ordinary Product Machinery Test Report:Provided
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided Warranty of core components:6 months
Core Components:heater, temperature controller After-sales Service Provided:No overseas service provided
capacity:28L Temperature Range:30-200degree
tank:1 Basket:2
cabinet:1 leg:3
certification:CE HP:9kw

Potato Chips Frying Machine Description

Flow Chart For 200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato Plantain Chips Frying Machine

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For 200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato Plantain Chips Frying Machine


Parameter List Of 200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato Plantain Chips Frying Machine

115FSF180115 mm180 mm98 mm815 kN10,5 Kg98 -
NBX 35303547 mm - - 0,186 Kg - -
ZB2.22.0625.400-1SPPN504 mm705 mm - - - 92 -
NCF 3004 CV20 mm42 mm16 mm - - 0.63 Inch | 16 Millimeter0.0
NJ308EG40 mm90 mm23 mm83 kN0,67 Kg0.906 Inch | 23 Millimeter0.0
UCC203-11L417.46 mm - 31 mm12.8 kN0.48 kg - -
FB3S219EK751.188 Inch | 30.175 Millimeter1.344 Inch | 34.13 Millimeter - - 1.134 - 0.0
SHC211-32 - - - - 0.499 - 0.0
B7001-C-T-P4S-UL0.472 Inch | 12 Millimeter1.102 Inch | 28 Millimeter0.315 Inch | 8 Millimeter - 0.021 - 0.0
tfn210ss-3 - - - - - - -
10BGR02X10 mm30 mm9 mm9 mm - - -
US212G260,000 mm110,000 mm53,7 mm24 mm - - -
99273 - - - - - - -


Potato Chips Frying Machine Data List

No.DdCBSizeLarghezzaDiametro del foro
23292-K-MB + H3292-HG830 mm460 mm - 296 mm430x830x296 - -
GE12XDO26 mm12 mm12 mm16 mm12x26x16 - -
M-812117,463 mm12,714,7 kN - 12.7x17.463x19.05 - -
BCR-2-1/2-BC - - - - - - -
22248-E1A-MB1-C3 - - - - - - -
6475-2 - 2.5000 in - - - - -
NK6/12TN12 mm6 mm12 mm12 mm - 126
NCF2214-V125 mm70 mm31 mm31 mm - 3170
45280/45220104,775 mm44,45 mm23,812 mm30,958 mm - 30,16244,45
27X47X10 HMS5 RG - - - - - - -



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Machine Cost For Potato Chips Frying Machine

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Electric Chicken French Fries Frying Machine Chips Deep Fryer Machine Gas Potato 1 Set US$1609US$7698
Industrial Food Frying Machine for Potato Chips/French Fries 1 Set US$1315US$6334
Commericial Kfc Frying Machine Fries Potato Chips Fried Food Line 1 Set US$1211US$6934
Automatic Fryer Potato Chips Production Line Frying Biscuit Cake Making Bakery Snack Food Processing Machine 1 Set US$1439US$5093
Stainless Steel Industrial Batch Fryer Machine Potato Chips Commerical Gas Heating Fryer Batch Frying Machine for Sale 1 Set US$1303US$6060
High Fuel Saving French Fries Potato Chips Vacuum Frying Machine 1 Set US$1427US$6767



200kg Per Hour Semi-Automatic Potato Plantain Chips Frying Machine Video


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