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Pham Thi Chinh

Pham Thi Chinh at Wangshimri serves a  variety of  Vietnamese favorites while retaining  full flavors at a modest price. One might have heard that to find authentic Vietnamese  – one should go to Ansan; but Pham thi Chinh can be found at Wangshimri station without sacrificing the flavor. Continue reading

Story of a girl

Probably one of the things I don’t really talk to about so much on here about is my wife. Yes, I said wife.

So, this is the story of my girl, whom I will refer to as MJ.

My story goes back to about seven years, when I was still a grad student. I met MJ on skype, but at the time I was seeing someone (for three years). MJ and I were skype friends and like most Koreans that I met on Skype, our conversations consisted of hi and bye.

And that’s the way it was. After my breakup,  my plans changed and I decided to move to teach to Korea instead of Japan.

When I got here, there was one girl that I was really interested in. She seemed to be as well, but she led me on an really annoying and confusing chase because of the dating game Korean people called “miltang.”

I had started talking with MJ alot more. Her English had improved, so it was nice to hold conversations. She was able to give me advice and tell me about Korean girls too, so she was also kind of my love coach in a way.

As time went on we talked more and more, but the girl I was chasing would show interest and then disappear for what seemed like weeks sometimes. So naturally I felt closer to MJ. Problem being that we had not met yet, since she was living in Cheonan and I was in Seoul. She also had a boyfriend who did not treat her well nor appreciated her.

Eventually, I found myself thinking of MJ more than the girl I had been chasing.  I would also see how much the guy MJ was with would hurt her emotionally.  Inevitably, I had to a choice to make and I chose her. So one day I decided to tell her how I really felt.

And then MJ disappeared for a month, only to come back and tell me she felt the same way.

From there on, it became somewhat of a long distance relationship. To be honest we still hadn’t met in person and I had never seen seen a picture.

Talk about a leap of faith huh?

MJ broke up with her ex, and I stopped chasing the other girl.  Slowly me and MJ started to exchange pictures, then started to webchat, and eventually meeting in Cheonan. I started by visiting every two weeks and then it  every weekend after a while. The first time we met in person, she seemed like a fairly typical Korean girl.

I don’t think anyone had ever dressed so nicely to meet me, it must have taken a long time. Later on in my conversations I was sure to slip in the message that I liked her as herself, and I didn’t mind if she didn’t wear heels or makeup, or any such other things. From that next moment on, she never bothered to and it has worked out great.

That was back in 2011. Obviously a lot has changed so I have more to come about this.



Sungnyemun, Summer 2014

Sunnyemun -2